Bouncy Castle

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Do NOT underestimate the power of the bounce! If you’re scoffing at this statement, then you either don’t have a kid or have never walked past a bouncy castle with one. Now take your ordinary bouncing baby magnet and make it a white winter themed one. You don’t stand a chance at ever prying them away from it! In fact, you’re probably better off joining in. 

Our UK-manufactured bouncy castles are made to PIPA standards, making them high-quality and robust. They are suitable for up to 5 adults or 10 kids, measure 5m wide x 7m deep, and can be assembled in most internal and external spaces. 

For the safety of your kids, both big and small, we recommend having at least two attendants present to supervise the bouncy castle at all times, and while every attempt will be made during installation to ensure it is secured to the ground, we strongly recommend deflating it in windy conditions.


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