Artificial Snow

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Ever wonder why actors never suffer from hypothermia or frostbite on the set of a winter scene? Spoiler alert! It’s all fake. Looks incredibly realistic though, doesn’t it? That’s the magic of our artificial snow, no shivers, slips or slush in sight.

A popular multi-use snow, DisplaySnow is our bestselling artificial snow because it not only sets the perfect snowy scene, it is also very easy to use. Simply open the box and pour. Ideal for simulating fresh alpine snow at an event, dressing up a window display, tossing around at a party or simply for decorating with.

DisplaySnow is also fireproof, anti-static, environmentally friendly and classified as safe for use as a toy by children over the age of 3.

Snowbase and SnowFX are cellulose based artificial snow dressings for outdoor spaces. We can dress trees, plants, buildings, vehicles - in fact anywhere a realistic blanket of snow is required for your event, shoot or display.

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