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Our Partnerships

Desert Snow is proud to work with some of the world's leading companies in the fields of snowmaking and special effects. Logo

Snow Business has been making snow and winter effects for film, television and advertising, corporate and live events worldwide since 1983. During this time, there has been constant development of people, equipment, materials and systems to achieve the desired winter special effects.

Desert Snow represents Snow Business exclusively in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, offering the complete range of products and services from our base in Dubai.


Polar Europe Logo

Polar Europe was founded in 1996 by Michiel de Ruiter, owner of the patented Polar Snowmaking system, the fastest in the world. Trusted partnerships and operational excellence make Polar Europe a global supplier of 100% real snow, under all circumstances and at any temperature. Organisations such as the FIS, the TTR and numerous event companies and blue-chip corporations rely on the quality and reliability of Polar Europe for their international events.

Desert Snow is the exclusive partner and distributor for Polar Europe in the MENA region.


areasana logo

AreaSana® is specialised in the production of snow rooms for wellness facilities. Based on the Dr. Christian Thuile method a new technology has been developed that combines an optimal indoor climate with an attractive design. AreaSana® is part of TechnoAlpin Germany GmbH. The company TechnoAlpin was founded in 1990 and today, with over 1,500 customers in 45 countries, is the leading provider of snowmaking equipment for ski resorts and Nordic centers.

Desert Snow is an Authorised Agent and Distributor for AreaSana® systems in the UAE, and can offer both sales and technical support from our base in Dubai.


TechnoAlpin Logo


TechnoAlpin specialises in manual and fully automated snow-making systems and is the global market leader in snow-making technology. The TechnoAlpin team has been designing and providing custom-built systems for ski resorts all over the world since 1990. TechnoAlpin has a diverse range of indoor and outdoor turnkey snowmaking systems from 12sqm rooms to large indoor ski centres.

Desert Snow is the exclusive Agent and Distributor for TechnoAlpin systems in the UAE, and can offer both sales and technical support from our base in Dubai.


Universal Effects is a Special Effects systems and consumables manufacturer based in France, that combines quality, innovation and technology to produce world class products. Professionals all over the world make Universal Effects products their first-choice when creating atmospheric and visual special effects for concerts, shows, theatre, productions, performances, films, television, advertising and events.

Desert Snow is an authorised dealer and Premium Fluids distributor for Universal Effects in the Middle East, via its specialist Professional Special Effects supplier PROSFX.COM.


JBL Leisure Snow Globe Logo


UK-based JBL Leisure developed and patented the very First Giant Snow Globe in 2007. Their snow globes are inflated using a patented and registered design structure with a hidden safety pole that ensures that they are 100% safe.

All JBL Snow Globes come with a comprehensive warranty, and an easy-to-use health and safety, operations and set-up manual. JBL Snow Globes are fully insured, comply with all relevant health and safety requirements, and are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14960:2013 and BS 5867-2:2008.

Desert Snow is an authorised agent for JBL Leisure in the Middle East.