Environmental Policy

"Desert Snow believes that it’s proactive and responsible attitude towards the environment, company employees and customers is a key element in the company’s continued success and growth."

The Environmental Policy is an integral part of Desert Snow’s business strategy. The responsibility for managing and maintaining the policy lies with the directors of Desert Snow, and is audited frequently by an internal review panel.

Desert Snow is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. By encouraging our customers to use environmentally sustainable, artificial snow and ice as an alternative to real snow & ice where practical, we help to reduce the impact our industry has on the environment.

"Our Partnership with Glice provides our customers across the Middle East region with an environmentally friendly ice skating surface without the need for electricity or water."

Originally in the 1980s the products and services we offer found success because they offered the most eco-friendly and location friendly materials which were quickly adopted as industry standards replacing the more hostile artificial snow and frost materials that existed at that time.

"Over 35 years on, certain products, especially our cellulose based biodegradable and compostable outdoor snow products, now also packaged in biodegradable bags, are still some of the most popular products we sell today."

Desert Snow participates in global reforestation projects to offset our carbon footprint by using trees to capture carbon dioxide. For every tree that we pledge, a tonne of carbon is saved in the Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Programme. Download Certificate here

"Desert Snow offsets all of the carbon emissions produced from it's domestic electricity consumption and international container shipping through tree planting, protecting forests and biodiversity in 2 continents."

The company continues to strive constantly to find better and more eco-friendly materials and equipment and to ensure that all aspects of the business have the least harmful effect on the environment by implementing a clear strategy to:

  • Be fully aware of all environmental legislation and ensure that regulatory requirements are met, and where feasible, improved upon.
  • Monitor the implementation of the policy by carrying out regular audits of compliance and where appropriate, introduce remedial measures.
  • Ensure that all employees, in the course of their duties, act in accordance with our environmental policy.
  • Encourage suppliers, contractors and vendors to act in accordance with our environmental policy.
  • Phase out the purchase, use and disposal of single use plastics.
  •  Ensure all products are from the most ethical and eco-friendly source possible through:
    • The selection of non polluting technology, materials & packaging
    • Waste minimization
    • Re-use/recycling
    • Reduction of energy consumption
    • Reduction of product miles by using local suppliers where possible.
    • Reduction of plastic waste by using plant based(nonpetroleum) alternatives.
  • To explore opportunities to harness renewable energy and utilise energy saving technology’s which may include, recycling AC condensate water, Solar-power and the use of electric vehicles.


Ben Elliott-Scott

Managing Director

Updated: 1st January 2019