Desert Snow COVID-19 Response Strategy

We believe that a considered and pro-active strategy towards the Covid19 outbreak and measures introduced to manage our activities in a responsible way mean that services provided by Desert Snow can offer our clients a safe and responsible way to host events in the aftermath of the lockdown.

While nobody knows exactly how long social distancing and sanitising measures will need to continue, clearly there is a need for businesses to find a way out of the present crisis and offer exciting and engaging events again in the future.

Desert Snow has played an important role in the past during times of economic downturn by creating experiences that encourage footfall and return on investment, and we feel that we have a lot to offer on that basis.

Please find below a list of recommendations and measures we are putting in place across all our activities that support operation while promoting social distancing and managing the spread of Covid19.

Our strategy has four elements: Distance, Protect, Sanitise & Communicate.

Download Desert Snow Activities Covid19 Response Strategy



Download Desert Snow Activities Covid19 Response Strategy