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Snow Rooms

Each AreaSana SnowRoom is like a snowflake; is it always unique. 

An AreaSana SnowRoom is the fruit of significant study and research by a team of doctors and specialists, who have studied the centuries-old practice and benefits of heating and cooling the human body in alternating phases.

Whilst heat calms and soothes by slowing internal organ activity, cold in contrast stimulates and reinvigorates the body by increasing its activity. Sudden temperature changes can therefore be used to reduce stress, stimulate the body and mind, and in some cases combat depression. The positive effects are increasingly long-lasting and profound, the longer and more precise the treatment.

This is Snowellness by AreaSana.

AreaSana designs, creates and installs its SnowRoom cabins in hotels, spas and private residences, where it is used in conjunction with saunas and wellness treatments to promote the concept of hot and cold therapy. They are designed to suit the architectural and style requirements of their location, and to meet the highest expectations of every Customer. Creativity and individuality have no limits.

Desert Snow is an Authorised Agent and Distributor for AreaSana® systems in the UAE, offering comprehensive sales and technical support from its base in Dubai.

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AreaSana Snow Rooms